Landscapes – Imagined and Remembered

17.02.2018 – 18.03.2018

Artisan Café Gallery – Berlin, Germany

The artwork on display takes the guest on a journey of sceneries. From a close up forest-like vine to a wide mountain range to the delicately constructed surreal. We have combined various disciplines of photography, watercolour painting, collage and sculpture, in a way that demonstrates our fondness of not only capturing and remembering nature but also imagining and creating our own versions of it.

This exhibition features the work of:

Luisa Orduño Cázares – Photography
Elaine Louise Dettmann (Saulnier) – Painting and Collage
Atelier Fantarium (Gwendolyn Noltes & Luisa Orduño Cázares)  – Spatial Illustrations


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